Mission & Objectives

Rights4Girls is a human rights organization working to end sex trafficking and gender-based violence in the U.S. We advocate for the dignity and personhood of young women and girls - so that every girl may possess the right to be safe and live a life free of violence and exploitation. Based in Washington, D.C., Rights4Girls works to make the lives of U.S. young women and girls a human rights priority.

These rates of violence are comparable to the scope and intensity of gendered violence abroad, in African, Latin American, and Asian nations in which violence against women and girls is acknowledged as a human rights issue. Now is the time for a similar human approach to highlight the conditions of sexual violence, domestic violence, rape, exploitation, and trafficking in the U.S. Now is the time to understand that gendered violence here in the U.S., like gendered violence abroad, restricts girls' rights and the realization of their full potential and dignity.


Policy reform does not save just one girl from being trafficked and exploited; it establishes recognition in law that provides safety and services to thousands of exploited and trafficked girls.

Rights4Girls achieves policy change through education, engagement, and movement building. We focus on policy because we believe in transformation that is comprehensive, lasting and generational.

Rights4Girls is building coalitions with other human rights, women’s rights, child welfare, and criminal justice organizations to grow a human rights movement for girls in the U.S. We feel that the time is ripe to engage all communities in an effort to end the pervasive violence against young women and girls.


Our U.S.-based human rights work for young women and girls focuses on the following goals:

Advance public policy that protects the dignity and rights of young women and girls, especially those from vulnerable communities.

Develop public awareness and social media campaigns to give visibility to gendered violence in the U.S.

Create global partnerships with international human rights and women’s rights organizations to include the experience of violence against young women and girls in the U.S.

Dismantle the sexual abuse to prison pipeline.

End domestic child sex trafficking.

Empower young women and girl survivors to foster a new generation of leaders.


our daughters are not for sale

Read Resolution Read the Congressional Resolution “Our Daughters Are Not For Sale.”

Our Daughters Are Not For Sale Proclamation

  1. EDUCATE LOCAL COMMUNITIES TO PROTECT SEXUALLY EXPLOITED AND TRAFFICKED CHILDREN Educate family, friends, and neighbors to understand that girls subject to commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking are victims--most of whom came out of a broken child welfare system or are runaway youth that were subsequently preyed upon by exploiters and traffickers.
  2. HELP GIRLS WHO HAVE BEEN SOLD FOR SEX Support survivors of domestic trafficking in their efforts to raise awareness on who trafficked girls are and the support that trafficked girls require to heal fro the complex trauma of sexual violence and exploitation.
  3. SUPPORT THE EXTENSION OF EXISTING SERVICES TO CHILD VICTIMS OF TRAFFICKING Affirm that the same protections and supports that apply to victims of child abuse be extended to child victims of trafficking.
  4. ENCOURAGE LAW ENFORCEMENT AND PROSECUTORIAL PROTOCOLS TO TREAT GIRLS AS VICTIMS AND NOT CRIMINALS Exploited and trafficked girls are not "bad girls" or "child prostitutes" but victims of systemized rape who need the same legal supports and protections other rape victims are afforded.
  5. SUPPORT AN END TO DEMAND FOR GIRLS Our daughters are not for sale.  Anyone who buys or sells a child should be punished accordingly.