there is no such thing

as a child prostitute

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It is time to eradicate the term "child prostitute."

There are only victims and
survivors of child rape.


Tell the media there’s no such thing as a child prostitute.

modern day slavery
is alive and real.

Girls are abducted or lured by pimps and traffickers at bus shelters, outside schools or through social media. Many of them are beaten into submission and sometimes even branded and publicly shamed with their pimp’s name.

how you are named is
how you are treated.

All too often, the media, law enforcement and others refer to victims as "child prostitutes," belittling the pain and abuse exploited girls endure on a daily basis. And, in every state there are prostitution laws used to arrest and detain underage girls bought and sold for sex. Most girls are not even of legal age to consent to sex at all, let alone commercial sex. This has to change—in language and law.

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Ending child prostitution in language and law

join us. take action.

Together, we can make it clear that there is No Such Thing as a child prostitute.